About Us

Shirley® is a wholly owned subsidiary of BTTG Ltd. BTTG Ltd. superseded the British Textile Technology Group, which was itself formed during the late 1980’s from two globally renowned textile institutions; the Wool Industries Research Association (WIRA) established in 1918 and The Shirley Institute; the latter set up to support the cotton industry in 1919.

Shirley®, whilst keeping the 'family' name – in fact a given name of the daughter of one of the main benefactors of the Shirley Institute – has been operating as a trading company within BTTG since July 2003.

Shirley®focuses on the services required by the more traditional sectors of the textile industry.

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As a result of our long established presence within textiles and related products, our ability to call upon the rest of the BTTG group and our experienced technical staff, Shirley® provides continuing first class technical support to the industry.

A Global Network of Clients

Our client base includes large multinational yarn, fabric and finished product manufacturers, garment producers and high street retailers, consumers, the legal profession, the police, and regulatory testing organisations such as Trading Standards.

Shirley® is active across the world, providing testing and certification services to many overseas producers including companies throughout Asia, the USA and across Europe. 

UKAS Accredited Laboratory Testing

Shirley® is accredited, as part of the BTTG Ltd. accreditation, by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), to the quality standard for testing laboratories EN ISO/IEC 17025