EU referendum: statement

BTTG and Shirley has issued a statement regarding the recent EU referendum result.

Following the result of the referendum to leave the European Union, both companies have announced there will be no immediate change to any of their services.

The UK government will enter a period of negotiation with the European Union to determine the future legal and trading relationship. This is expected to take at least two years.

Stephen Donnelly, BTTG and Shirley’s managing director, said: “BTTG’s role as a notified body will not change during the period of negotiation. There are existing arrangements that allow notified bodies to exist in countries that are not members of the EU, and BTTG is committed to doing whatever may be necessary to remain as notified body under any new arrangements.”

Shirley’s membership of the Oeko-Tex® association is not dependent upon EU membership and will be unaffected.

Stephen added: “We will continue to be accredited as an ISO 17025 laboratory against the existing range of tests. Business is very much as usual.”

Posted by on 1 July 2016